Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Craigie Bridge bike/ped use?

Our friend Megan Ramey writes to ask:

Dear Boston bicycle and pedestrian community,

Anybody commute or ride regularly on the Craigie Bridge?  If so, can you get in touch with me?  Here's what I'm trying to find out:

  1. Start and Destination?
  2. Do you take an alternative bridge / route?
  3. The construction on the Craigie is starting the night of Friday, Nov. 5th.  Like the BU bridge, the Craigie is supposed to remain open to bikes and peds throughout construction.  Can someone confirm this?
A Better City is working on a bridge construction / traffic advisory website for all forms of transportation.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

You can email her at megalisha at gmail.com!


Anonymous said...

You might clarify that the Craigie Bridge is the drawbridge next to the Museum of Science.

Anonymous said...

I walk over the bridge every day, and also would be interested in knowing when I can walk or have to get the green line to North Station.